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Classical Ballet Classes

2 times per week, each class is 1,5 hour long

For children aged 4 – 5: 1 hour, €10

Just €11 per class if you pay for all the month at a time! Or 15 euro per class.

CLASSICAL BALLET (4-16 years)Ballet Classes
We invite you to take up classical dance which is the fundamentals of choreography.During the course of classical dance you will acquire specific features of the art of ballet, which is the harmony between movement and classical music.
The requirements to classical dance are: flexibility of feet, a large dancing step (pas), flexibility of body, stability, pirouetting, light high jump, free and flexible hand movements, perfect coordination of movement, endurance and strength. Read more about Ballet Traditions and Discipline.



2 times per week , each class is 1 hour long.


Just €10 per class if you pay for all the month at a time! Or 12 euro per class.

Hip-Hop Classes

HIP-HOP (from 7 years)

Hip-hop is performed on the dance floor and on the stage of a club in the form of an improvisation and connectives in the style of locking and popping. The space limitations do not allow a wide use of breaking elements; therefore the Hip-Hip “Top” Dance dominates. And the specific character of the music of the club allows experimenting with movements.
The programme is rich and interesting. Classes are held in the form of a play. You will have an opportunity to participate in children’s competitions with your performance.
Locking- a ‘robotic’ dance style developed in Los Angeles in the 1960s and 1970s. It is characterized by repeated move-and-freeze steps, giving the dancer a mechanical appearance.

Popping- A dance originated in LA in the 1970s. It was a development of locking and is characterized by the appearance of an electric current passing through the dancer as he ‘pops’.
His body joints in succession. It is also known as electric boogaloo and electric boogie.

Modern Dance

2 times per week , each class is 1 hour long.


Just €10 per class if you pay for all the month at a time! Or 12 euro per class.

Modern Dance ClassesMODERN DANCE (from 7 years)
Modern dance has a variety of forms and elements, and all of them are submitted to one common image of laconism, beauty and expression. The poses of this dance are not fixed as in classical ballet. The geometry of lines created by a dancer’s body is admirable! Diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines combine one with another, cross changing one another, which leaves an impression of an ideal body, an ideal dance. A dancer needs to keep his/her body straight, yet liberated, with the muscles of belly and bowels tense. Such a centralised body control allows performing precise turns while keeping balance. Modern dance develops a sense of rhythm and coordination of movements.


1 time per week , each class is 1 hour long.

One class costs 10 euro. If you pay for 4 classes at a time, 35 euro.

Zumba ClassesZUMBA (adults)

Zumba Fitness Classes! You can burn off up to 600 calories while having the most fun you have ever had working out. Zumba is truly for anyone who can stand up and dance. And “dance” is a very liberal term here, as no dance experience or skills are necessary. People of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend classes. Enjoy 60 minutes of calorie-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements for just €35 for 4 classes, or drop in for €10.

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