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The Dance is...

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”
― Martha Graham

DANCE is undoubtedly a guarantee of health and physical fitness. It is indispensable for children at any age. Dance is creativity allowing to reveal the child’s individuality; it gives him/her confidence and frees from complexes. Children’s dance relaxes, contributes to aesthetic development, trains a music ear, a sense of rhythm, coordination of movement. It improves flexibility, posture, gate and figure.

Regular dance classes broaden the child’s mental outlook, and allow the child to cognize and express him/herself. The skills gained during dance classes will help the child’s authority among peers and will allow him/her to be a star at school social events. The teacher of our dance studio will do her best to find the right approach to and mutual understanding with each child. She will also try to develop their music ear, to teach to feel the music, its character, to move in time.


A choreographer is a creative profession that permanently requires novelty. Besides, the complexity of the profession lies in organising and guiding dancers.

Each choreographer knows how complicated it is to pick up appropriate music for a dance performance and process it. It often takes a lot of time and effort. I am very grateful to Qdos who often helps in doing it.